The only cordless cut-off tool on the market

The ZIPCUTTER cordless angle cut-off tool delivers the highest performance where a power supply is not available and is the only cordless cut-off tool on the market able to power a 6” cutting wheel. It is paired with the only 18V / 5.2Ah battery pack on the market with a ventilated charging system, allowing you to charge faster without damaging the battery.

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The industry’s FIRST MIG & TIG weld cleaning system

The newest member of the SURFOX family, the SURFOX 304 MIG & TIG system! The SURFOX 304 is our new patented electrochemical cleaning system with a flow-through system, which facilitates the cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds, without altering the surface of the parent material. Paired with two new durable high resistant and conductive cleaning brush applicators, it allows for quick and efficient cleaning.

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Easily guarantee passivated stainless steel

Test your workpiece for passivation with the world’s first wireless passivation tester. This bluetooth-enabled device easily syncs to your smartphone and seamlessly logs your results into a database for easy data analysis and report building. Ship your products with confidence by validating your pieces for passivation with the SURFOX Smart passivation tester.


The Type 27 Narrow Crown is an exclusive patented technology that incorporates a metal cladding in the center hub for added safety, and allows for a deeper cutting depth, extending the life of the cutting wheel. This technology is now incorporated in all 4-1/2” and 5” ZIPCUT, ZIP+, ZIP STAINLESS AND ZIP ALU cut-off wheels, making these cutting wheels last up to 30% longer than the legacy products.

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One application protects the nozzle for the whole shift

Extend the life of welding nozzles with E-WELD nozzle with exclusive applicator. This highly concentrated formula evenly coats the exterior and interior surface of your welding nozzle to avoid spatter from adhering to the nozzle. This is an extremely economical solution, as the easy applicator dispenses a thin layer that can provide protection for up to 8 hours.

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ICECUT annular core cutters are made with a sophisticated mixture of high speed steel and aluminum (M2Al). This extends the life of the core cutters, as it is now more resistant to instant impact and stress when drilling under load, and impervious to deformation. With a new exclusive triple tooth design, it is reinforced to be more resistant to wear.

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The perfect tool for fitting, shaping and enlarging

These new mounted points are ideal for finishing work in confined spaces. This versatile line of mounted points is made from the finest grade of abrasive grains and is perfectly balanced to avoid vibration.

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Fast drying surface cleaner

This special formulated VOC-free solution is designed to easily clean and degrease metal surfaces prior to welding. It is the perfect solution for those concerned with health and safety as this is a replacement for toxic solvents such as acetone.

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High strength stainless steel cleaner

This highly concentrated gel removes contaminants such as rust and mineral deposits from stainless steel surfaces, without altering the parent material. It is VOC-free, solvent-free and non-flammable.

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Cleaner and protector for stainless steel

Clean and protect your stainless steel surfaces with SURFOX Shine. This product removes light contaminants such as dirt, finger prints, oils and carbon. It is also a streak-proof product that leaves an invisible dry film on your stainless steel to preserve your finish. Similar to our other line of SURFOX cleaners, SURFOX Shine is VOC-free and non-flammable.

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The newest member of the QUICK-STEP family, this high performance sanding disc leverages our exclusive Cyclone™ Technology, a high-tech blend of abrasive grains, and combines it with a special cooling agent, allowing you to blend and finish more pieces and improve productivity. Paired with an interface pad, this sanding disc allows for more flexibility, making it ideal for curved surfaces.

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