The latest in cutting-edge electrochemical weld cleaning systems

Walter is proud to unveil its next-generation electrochemical weld cleaning system. The SURFOX™ 305 uses an electrochemical process to clean and passivate MIG, TIG and spot welds on stainless steel or clean MIG, TIG and spot welds on aluminum. This sleek, powerful machine replaces time-consuming manual operations such as the use of wire brushes or extremely hazardous solutions like pickling pastes. This allows operators to work faster, safer and reduce job costs.

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Extra strength, control and safety – and guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel

We’ve reinvented the cutting wheel with the new and improved ZIP STAINLESS™. This cut-off wheel is free of iron, sulfur and chlorine, ensuring it will not contaminate stainless steel or other nickel alloyed steels. It offers cool, free cuts and the best overall performance on stainless steel and nickel alloyed steel. Type 27 allows more clearance for flush cutting and its metal hub cladding delivers extra strength, control and safety when you need it most.

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Achieve a tremendous, long-lasting and consistent surface finish in an instant

Get the results you need faster than ever with Walter’s new INSTANT POLISH™ FLAP DISC. A new innovation to achieve a technical grade mirror finish. It will lower the Ra by 20 micro-inches to achieve a mirror finish with an Ra of less than 4 micro-inches. Operators will appreciate its powerful polishing properties and superior engineering that provides versatility and high performance.

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Get a professional shine efficiently and with the versatility and high performance of a flap disc

Looking for the right tool to achieve the perfect finish in less time? With its long lasting and consistent surface finishing capabilities, the ULTIMATE SHINE™ FLAP DISC is the ultimate flap disc for outstanding finishing jobs. This ultimate finishing tool will provide you with a mirror finish with an Ra under 1 micro-inches. You haven’t seen a mirror finish until you have seen the Utlimate Shine.

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An outstanding mirror finish with only a single paste

Get the ultimate shine. For use with felt and high polish discs, ULTIMATE SHINE™ polishing paste will provide you the best mirror finish you can achieve whether it is on stainless steel or aluminum. Packed in a resealable bag that preserves the paste from contaminants and drying, this product is suitable for use in food processing industries.

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The professional choice that combines two steps in one with the benefit of turbo power

Combine two finishing steps into one with turbo power. The TWO-IN-ONE™ TURBO DRUM’s coated abrasive cloth cuts aggressively while the interweaved BLENDEX™ flaps produce a No. 3 linear brushed finish. Available in 4.5” x 2” and 4.5” x 4” formats, these exceptional finishing tools are an essential component of any professional finish.

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Top performance and outstanding power for the most demanding applications

With its ergonomic design, the IRONMAN™ delivers 14.5 amps and 1,750 watts of power with a 6” wheel capacity. It features a Walter Stabilizer™ to reduce vibration and extend the life and removal rate of your abrasives by up to 30%. Ideal for prolonged applications, when combined with Walter abrasives the IRONMAN™ ranks among our most productive systems available today. Delivering more power in more demanding applications, this grinder is unrivalled when it comes to strenuous and prolonged jobs.

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Exceptional performance, ergonomics, power and added safety features combine harmoniously in this tremendous tool

If it’s high performance an added safety you’re after, the IRONMAN™ PS comes with a paddle switch and a mechanical brake to stop grinding wheels from turning within 2 seconds of relieving the trigger, and cutting wheels within 1.5 seconds. It delivers 14.5 amps and 1,750 watts of power and comes with a Walter Stabilizer™ to reduce vibration, improve ergonomics and extend the life and removal rate of your abrasives.

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High-strength natural solvent

Made from bio-renewable extracts, PRO CLEAN™ is a powerful, 100% concentrated solvent that removes hard-to-clean contaminants. Its Nature Boost™ formula quickly and easily removes paint, ink, adhesives, anti-corrosion waxes, resins, and tar. This powerful cleaner can be used without our CleanBoxR immersion baths and for pre-treatment with bioremediating parts washing fluids. PRO CLEAN™ improves sustainability and is safer to handle than toxic and volatile solvents.

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Get top performance on hard metals – with more choice in diameters and depths of cut!

Take advantage of added choices in diameter (up to 4”) and depth (up to 4”) of Walter’s Carbide Core Cut annular cutters. They accurately drill large diameter holes in hard or abrasive materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, tough alloys or composite materials. They are the ideal choice when lubrication is not possible, outperforming and outlasting conventional HSS cutters in the toughest applications. Higher speeds and feed rates mean less effort to cut through some of the industry’s toughest metals.

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