Innovation, Efficiency and Safety

At Walter Surface Technologies, our goal is to contribute to our customer's success by helping them work better. This means providing you with superior tools to decrease your overall material costs while boosting productivity. Each product in this catalog has been engineered to perform to the highest standards and is backed by superior service, technical support.

2016 Mechanical Catalog

The walter E-Catalog

Walter Surface Technologies provides high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions to the metalworking industry. We have done this since 1952. To help you work better, we developed our Partnership in Productivity program, which is dedicated to safety and productivity..



This catalog is designed to focus on Walter’s innovative solutions for the automotive industry. From abrasives, tooling, power tools, MRO solutions to Bio-Circle environmentally friendly solutions, we have a variety of solutions suitable for the automotives. Browse through our catalog to view the various products available to you.