Soaring with the strictest standards

Soaring with the strictest standards

At Walter, safety is our primary concern. That’s reflected in all our manufacturing processes and in the products we produce. We know that every minute detail can make a difference, so Walter has developed special products for the Aerospace industry to ensure that you can prepare all your metal surfaces to your strictest requirements. From certified cleaning solutions to letter size drill bits, we know what it takes to keep you flying high.

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Double-Ended Drill Bits

The most effective double-ended drill bits available that allows you to drill hundreds of holes faster than anything else. The state of the art cobalt blend provides these drill bits an incomparable lifespan when compared to standard black oxide drill bits.

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Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, is a global leader in environmentally-friendly solutions. Offering a variety of industrial parts cleaning solutions, systems and environmentally friendly cleaners and degreasers, our products are designed with safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

Visit to browse through Walter’s wide range of Bio-Circle solutions fit for the aerospace industry, including AF-CLEAN, Bio-Circle AERO, CB 100 and FT 200 cleaning solutions.