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Partnership in Productivity

At Walter Surface Technologies, we understand the importance of working safely and efficiently. That’s why we have developed our Partnership in Productivity program dedicated to safety and productivity. Below you will find more information on Walter’s programs, including the Bucket Program, Productivity Reports, Safety Seminars and Product Demonstrations.

The Bucket Program

The Bucket Program

Evaluation of cost savings potential and improved worker safety

Walter will assist in optimizing your workflow and cost savings by analyzing your abrasive and tooling usages and work processes through our Bucket Program.

Throughout the course of a few weeks, all used abrasives, brushes and tooling are collected in the Walter bucket. A Walter representative will gather the content and analyze it. Based on the analysis, Walter will be able to make recommendations on how you can improve efficiency, reduce abrasive costs, improve productivity and encourage safer working habits - maximizing every dollar spent on consumables.

Contact your Walter representative or distributor and ask how you can participate in the Walter Bucket Program.

Productivity Reports

Working to positively impact your business

Accompanying every Bucket Program analysis, a detailed productivity report will also be produced. This productivity report compares Walter products versus competitive products in terms of yearly usage, removal, labour time and cost, product life and product cost.

The goal of the productivity report is to provide you with all the facts in hand, so that you can optimize your productivity and make adjustments that will positively impact your business.

Safety Seminars

Because health and safety are top priority!

As an addition to Walter’s value-added services, Walter offers FREE Safety Seminars to encourage a safer work environment. Whether it is the Abrasives Safety Seminar or the Chemical Safety Seminar that you are interested in, Walter works with you to customize the perfect training for your team.

The safety seminars are free of charge and helps Walter set the standard for industry best practices.

Safety seminar brochure

Product Demonstrations

Differentiating ourselves through a dedicated sales team who work directly with our customers, Walter Surface Technologies is not only providing tools for the metal fabricating and finishing market; we are an integral part of the industry. Our team is trained to listen and provide innovative solutions that answer customer needs. Walter helps make the fabricating and finishing process more efficient; reducing both abrasive and labour costs

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