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Grinder Grip Magnetic grinder accessory to keep tools close

The Grinder Grip™ is the only magnetic grinder accessory that makes work easier, safer and more convenient. The magnet easily attaches to your grinder, allowing it to stick to any ferrous metal surface when not in use. This will help prevent damage to your power tools, as well as your abrasives by keeping it out of harm’s way, all while remaining easily accessible. No more knocking or dropping your tools! Stick them with the Grinder Grip™.

zip xxtreme™ The longest lasting 3/64” thin cut-off wheel

The new ZIP XXTREME™ is the longest lasting cut-off wheel, boasting the lowest cost per cut compared to all other 3/64” thin cut-off wheels. Save time working on your projects, and save money using the ZIP XXTREME™ by getting the job done more efficiently. These cut-off wheels last up to 20% longer than other wheels in this category.

ZIP+ XTRA™ Cut-off wheel for heavy duty steel and stainless steel applications

The ZIP+ XTRA™ is a 1/16" thick heavy duty application cut-off wheel that offers the longest life on the market. It gives the lowest cost/cut in the industry, is designed for steel and stainless steel applications and incorporates the rib design for cooler cutting.

Walter's new annular core cutters The new ICECUT™, SST™ Core Cutter and Carbide Core Cutter

Walter Surface Technologies has redesigned their line of annular core cutters making the updated product line even more resistant to impact and stress, less brittle and impervious to deformation. The Walter core cutters now utilize a sophisticated mixture of high speed steel and aluminum (M2Al).

icecut™ 100 and 200 magnetic drills The industry’s most efficient magnetic drills

The ICECUT™ magnetic drilling system comes in two models: ICECUT™ 100 and ICECUT™ 200, each offering top safety measures such as a visual amp meter to help prevent breakage of core cutters and overheating of the machine, a new quick-release reversible handle, users can easily switch handles from one side to another, to allow ideal positioning when in confined or restricted spaces.

SURFOX™ Smart Passivation Tester Easily guarantee passivated stainless steel

Test your workpiece or finished for passivation with this new wireless passivation tester. This bluetooth-enabled device easily syncs to your smartphone and seamlessly logs your results into a database for easy data analysis and report building. Ship your products with confidence by validating your pieces for passivation with the SURFOX™ Smart passivation tester.

SURFOX™ 304 MIG & TIG weld cleaning system

SURFOX™ 304 is our new patented electrochemical cleaning system with a flow-through system, which facilitates the cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds, without altering the surface of the parent material. Paired with a new durable high resistant and conductive cleaning brush, it allows for quick and efficient cleaning.

the instant polish™ line One-step solution to achieving a #8 mirror finish

Use Walter’s Instant Polish™ line to achieve mirrored stainless steel finishes in one step! Polishing paste is already applied on the product, saving time and making it very easy to use. The Instant Polish™ line is available in three distinct formats: Quick Step Instant Polish™ Disc, the Instant Polish™ Belt, and the Instant Polish™ Paste.

enduro-flex™ 2-in-1 turbo The most versatile and fastest finishing disc on the market

The new Enduro-Flex™ 2-in-1 TURBO removes material faster and get the finish you want in less steps. Designed for steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the Enduro-Flex™ 2-in-1 TURBO provides unmatched versatility. The flap disc is available in both 4-1/2” and 5”.

ZIPCUTTER™ The most powerful cordless cutter on the market

The ZIPCUTTER™ kit is a cordless angle cutter delivers the highest performance where a power supply is not available and is the only tool on the market able to power a 6" cutting wheel.

Next Generation of Corded Grinders Power and safety, resulting in optimal efficiency.

Walter’s next generation of corded grinders are specifically built to tolerate the aggressiveness of our grinding and finishing wheels. A complete line of eight grinders, including the new Pro 5™, the new family of corded grinders is designed to exceed your demands, whether it be in grinding, cutting, sanding, or cleaning applications.

CB 100TM Powerful Green Cleaner & Degreaser

CB 100 is a high-strength cleaner /degreaser designed to remove tough industrial contaminants like oil, grease, tar, wax, rubber marks and more. Formulated from renewable natural resources, CB 100 is biodegradable, non-flammable, free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and safe for use on all metal surfaces. Best of all, CB 100 can be diluated up to 1:5 with water for powerful, economic cleaning of metal parts and surfaces.

Bio-rustTM Non-corrosive rust remover

Submerge corroded parts in BIO-RUST to remove the rust without pitting or damaging the underlying metal.