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Driven by end-user needs, we are continuously innovating to offer tooling that incorporates the latest technology and materials. Walter drill bits, annular cutters, power taps and carbide burrs are specifically designed for use on portable power tools. As such they resist the high strains caused by tough operating conditions and allow the customer to take full advantage of their power tools performance. 


Our tooling solutions are made with the latest technology, to ensure that you are working with “only the best” products in the market. Our tooling solutions are made with High Speed Steel (HSS), special cooling materials and a self-centering split point, allowing for precise drilling with the fastest chip evacuation. To optimize your tooling usage, refer to our conversion tables and speed charts to help identify the correct size and drill speed needed.


At Walter, our goal is to provide “only the best” to you. This means we develop only the best tooling solutions so that you can work faster and more efficiently! Our products are made with state-of-the-art technology, resistant to high wear and the toughest conditions. Manufactured with the highest degree of accuracy for perfect concentricity and balance, these tooling solutions are made to outlast and outperform, because we know, when you are building the best, you deserve only the best!


Safety is a critical aspect in our business, which is why Walter is dedicated to ensuring the safest, most efficient way to see you through to project completion. Our research and development teams are consistently developing new and innovative solutions to help you work better.


Cost of production is always a concern. By relying on Walter’s tooling solutions, you can work with confidence to be sure that you can achieve a faster, cooler, and safer drilling solutions for all your tooling needs.

Walter also offers safety seminars for you and your employees.
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Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision that can positively impact your business!


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