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The power of Walter in your hands!


Power. Maximum performance. Reliability. Versatility. These are all words which define our full line of power tools, including angle, point and straight grinders, sanders, polishers and magnetic drills. What differentiates Walter from the competition when it comes to power tools? The answer is simple. It’s our power to outperform! Walter power tools deliver the majority of its power directly to the spindle for a higher level of performance. The power tools are more efficient because it runs cooler, offers more resistance to overload, easier to handle and are lighter and smaller.


Whether you are grinding, sanding, polishing or drilling, it is important that you have the right power tools to do the job. Our power tools are made to outlast and outperform, right from the beginning and long after the end of your project!


At Walter, our goal is to provide “only the best” to you. This means we develop only the best power tools so that you can efficiently complete your grinding, sanding, polishing or drilling tasks!

Built with more power and speed, our power tools have more endurance, more comfort and more protection, allowing you to seamlessly perform your tasks flawlessly - because we know, when you are building the best, you deserve only the best!


Safety is a critical aspect in our business, which is why Walter is dedicated to ensuring the safest, most efficient way to see you through to project completion. From SERVICEGUARD protection plan to built-in safety features such as tool-free guards with a quick-release mechanism, soft-start safety feature to ensure a progressive increase in RPM, and a powerguard sensor to protect your tool from burn-out, you can be sure that when you are using a Walter power tool, your safety is in good hands. In addition, we offer free Safety Seminars to encourage a safer work environment for you and your employees – because health and safety are top priority!


Cost of production is always a concern. By relying on Walter abrasive products, you can minimize your production time, saving you time and labour cost!

Walter grinders have a well earned reputation for giving more! The payback for better quality and better performing grinders are quickly realized as higher productivity and longer service-life are established clearly and immediately.

With our Safety Seminars, you can ensure that you are maximizing the life of your power tools and abrasives properly!
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