Walter Surface Technologies Unveils its New Zip Stainless™ Thin Cut-Off Wheel Boasting a Longer Lifespan than Other Competing Discs on the Market

April 24th, 2018


Walter Surface Technologies, the global leader in surface treatment technologies, announced the launch its new Zip Stainless™ thin cut-off wheel, offering 40% more cuts and better performance than its predecessor.

The improved Zip Stainless™ is free of iron, sulfur, and chlorine, and is guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel or other nickel alloyed steels. “This is a game-changer for the stainless steel industry,” says Marc Brunet-Gagné, Product Manager, Bonded Abrasives, at Walter Surface Technologies. “Walter is considered the benchmark for thin cut-off wheels and the new Zip Stainless™ is no exception. The increased cuts per wheel save our customers’ time, as well as operational and labor costs” concludes Brunet-Gagné.

The Zip Stainless™ comes in Walter’s exclusive protective packaging designed to preserve the wheel’s physical properties until ready for use so that performance and safety are kept to the highest standards possible.

Designed with a new and improved bond matrix which significantly improves the life of the cutting disc. The Zip Stainless™ offers cool, free cuts and the best overall performance on stainless steel and nickel alloyed steel. Type 27 allows more clearance for flush cutting and its metal hub cladding delivers extra strength, control, and safety when operators need it most.

The Zip Stainless™ available now, click here for more details.