The evolution of metalworking has taken a giant leap thanks to the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the Internet of Things

April 14, 2016

Walter Surface Technologies, the global industry leader in surface treatment technologies announced today that it has published a new industry white paper titled “The Internet of Things Hits the Shop Floor: Metalworking in the Age of Connectivity.”

The white paper explores how manufacturing has entered the digital age due to the advances in computing capabilities and wireless technology, the ever-increasing access to the internet, and the proliferation of mobile devices. “The concept of leveraging technology, cloud-based platforms and mobile apps to support production in the metalworking industry is still very new,” says Jonathan Douville, Product Manager at Walter Surface Technologies, “Yet, it’s a way for machine shops and fabricators to be more efficient and competitive in today’s market.”

In the white paper, Walter introduces its new Surfox Smart Passivation Tester, which measures the chromium oxide layer found on the surface of stainless steel. This protects the metal from corrosion and rust. Within seconds, the tester synchs a numeric value of the quality of the passive layer to a smartphone and uploads the test results to the cloud.

The device integrates both the physical and digital worlds and provides real-time data that can be shared with customers. “The more we can increase awareness of how technology can help deliver an edge, the sooner we can speed adoption of these enhanced processes in the market,” adds Douville.

The white paper examines how the convergence of the Internet of Things and innovative technology can help manufacturers to use actionable, real-time data to drive innovation, reduce waste, improve quality and boost productivity.

The document is available for download at:

About Walter Surface Technologies

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