July 29, 2015

Walter Surface Technologies, a global leader in surface treatment technologies, announces three new solutions to its SURFOX line of electrochemical weld cleaning systems. These latest innovations underscore Walter’s commitment to developing safer alternatives for the metal working industry.

The SURFOX PRE-WELD, SURFOX RENEW and SURFOX SHINE were designed to clean, restore and protect stainless steel surfaces while promoting a cleaner, healthier, and safer industrial work environment.

SURFOX PRE-WELD – The fastest drying surface cleaner on the market
Designed as a pre-primer, SURFOX PRE-WELD removes contaminants from metallic surfaces prior to welding. With a reduced VOC content, it is formulated to replace surface preparation solvents such as acetone, resulting in a safer more efficient work environment.

SURFOX RENEW - Restoring stainless steel to its original condition
A powerful surface cleaner, SURFOX RENEW was designed to restore stainless steel by removing rust and oxidation without attacking the parent material. VOC and solvent-free, it is an ideal alternative to harsh abrasive solutions. Furthermore, the SURFOX RENEW comes in a gel format, making it easier for the product to cling to inclined surfaces.

SURFOX SHINE - Protecting indoor stainless steel surfaces in one easy step
This is an ideal product for achieving a flawless finish on stainless steel surfaces. The SURFOX SHINE is an innovative, VOC free, non-hazardous solution that will remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, oils and handling marks. It is also streak-proof and leaves an invisible dry film to preserve the finish.

“With the addition of these new SURFOX solutions, Walter now has a comprehensive portfolio of products for welders to take their jobs from A to Z” said Jonathan Douville, Product Manager at Walter Surface Technologies. “From surface preparation, to anti-spatter protection solutions to advanced weld cleaning, Walter provides the solutions needed for all welding applications to save time and money, improve working conditions, and reduce the environmental impact”

The SURFOX PRE-WELD, SURFOX RENEW and SURFOX SHINE are available immediately.

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About Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies provides innovative solutions for the global metal working industry. From high performance abrasives, power tools and tooling to industrial parts washing systems, cleaners, degreasers and lubricants Walter focuses on helping its customers work better. Founded in 1952, the company is established in 7 countries throughout North America, South America and Europe. International headquarters is in Montreal and US headquarters is located in Windsor, Connecticut. Key certification and awards include ISO 9001: 2008, Wall Street Journal Award; Deutscher Material Preiz; American Eagle Award; CleanTech Cleaning Technology Award.