Walter Surface Technologies unleashes ZIPCUTTER
the most powerful 6” cordless cutter on the market

January 6, 2015

Montreal, QC – Walter Surface Technologies launches ZIPCUTTER, the most powerful cordless cutter that can drive a 6” cutting wheel.

The ZIPCUTTER is specifically designed for metal workers who are consistently on-location without access to a power supply. This unique tool utilizes the latest battery technology and features an exclusive Ventilated Charging System. The system comprises of an 18V/5.2Ah battery, the strongest battery on the market today, allowing workers to perform more cuts between charges. In addition, the ventilated charging station quickly charges the battery while also extending its life by keeping it cool during the charging process.

Similar to other Walter power tools, the ZIPCUTTER provides unrivalled efficiency and reliability as it leverages state-of-the-art technologies including DYNAMAX electronics for RPM control and consistent speed under load, bevelled gears to reduce noise, and a front retaining plate and rear bushing to prevent misalignment and reduce vibration.

“We’ve incorporated the latest technology to engineer the ZIPCUTTER and produce this one of a kind heavy-duty and lightweight cordless cutter” said Stephane Drainville, Product Manager at Walter Surface Technologies. “This one tool will reduce downtime by allowing users to make more cuts between recharges. And with the Ventilated Charging System, battery-life is extended too. All of which leads to reduced production costs. Furthermore, with the ability to use a 6” cutting wheel on a cordless cutter, it will easily increase performance and production rate. It is the ultimate tool for on-location workers.”

The ZIPCUTTER is designed to be used with Walter’s high performance ZIP family of cutting wheels. By combining both products together, users have the perfect cutting technology in hand.

The ZIPCUTTER cordless cutter is available in 4½ / 5” and 6” diameters starting January 2015 in an exclusive starter kit for a limited-time. For more details on the ZIPCUTTER, contact your local representative or distributor.

About Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies provides innovative solutions for the global metal working industry. From high performance abrasives, power tools and tooling to industrial parts washing systems, cleaners, degreasers and lubricants Walter focuses on helping its customers work better. Founded in 1952, the company is established in 7 countries throughout North America, South America and Europe. International headquarters is in Montreal and US headquarters is located in Windsor, Connecticut. Key certification and awards include ISO 9001: 2008, Wall Street Journal Award; Deutscher Material Preiz; American Eagle Award; CleanTech Cleaning Technology Award.