October 2016

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Partnership in Productivity for a Safe and Efficient Work Environment

At Walter Surface Technologies, we understand the importance of working safely and efficiently. That’s why we have developed our Partnership in Productivity customer programs dedicated to safety and productivity.

1) Bucket Program: Production costs are always a concern. Through our Bucket Program, our representatives will assist in optimizing your workflow and cost savings by analyzing your abrasive and tooling usages and work processes.

2) Productivity Reports: The Walter productivity report accompanies the Bucket Program and compares Walter products versus competitive products in terms of yearly usage, removal, labor time and cost, product life and product cost.

3) Safety Seminar: Because health & safety are a top priority, we offer FREE Safety Seminars to encourage best practices for a safe work environment.

4) Product Demonstrations: Our team of well-trained and dedicated sales representatives work directly with customers and will listen and provide innovative solutions that answer customer needs.

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Zip Titan™ and Chopcut Titan™

The new Zip Titan™ and Chopcut Titan™ have been specifically designed for cutting titanium and brass with exceptional efficiency. The wheels cut through titanium and brass without overheating these metals, preserving the mechanical properties and surface integrity of the material being cut.

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Learn more about Chopcut Titan™ 

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VP™ Countersinks

Our new VP™ Countersinks are stronger, tougher and offer optimal drilling performance. The countersinks have a wider tooth design for better alignment and positioning and are made of an exclusive mixture of chromium and aluminum coating, which provides higher resistance to heat and a longer lifespan.

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Zip XXtreme™
The all-new Zip XXtreme™ lasts longer and offers more cuts than any other thin cutoff wheel in the industry.

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