Heavy-Duty, boron-free water miscible cutting lubricant

COOLCUT™ 500 BF is a water miscible coolant for metal cutting processes on individual machine tools as well as on centralized systems. Its special formulation results in high coolant stability and long coolant life. Active extreme pressure (EP) additives ensure high lubricity for severe applications while special inhibitors avoid staining even on sensitive aluminum and copper alloys. This coolant is universally applicable for severe machining processes. It is particularly suited for processes on high tensile materials like stainless steels and titanium grades. It is suitable for sensitive aluminum alloys (e.g., aerospace applications).


  • Low foaming
  • Very stable emulsion with no boron or bactericides
  • Extraordinary cutting performance for optimal tool life and surfaces
  • Compatible with a variety of materials, particularly sensitive aluminum alloys

Technical Specifications

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
Liquid 20 L 5.28 gal 58-A 597 (M)SDS 1 225.00
Liquid 200 L 52.8 gal 58-A 598 (M)SDS 1 2012.05
Liquid 1000 L 264.2 gal 58-A 599 (M)SDS 1 8054.40