Heavy Duty Disinfectant, Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrated

New normal, tough new formula. Get a sanitizer you can trust with WALTER. Our powerful triple-action heavy duty formula kills harmful germs and bacteria, ensuring to keep your environment safe. The solution has strong cleaning & degreasing power on top of disinfecting, and comes concentrated to be diluted. Fast-acting and no rinse, can be used on hard non-porous surfaces such as: floors, walls, counters, machinery, tools, equipment, washrooms, plastic, ceramic, metal and more.


  • Biodegradable
  • Concentrated formula
  • Fragrance Free
  • DIN Registered: Quaternary Ammonium active ingredient
  • Safe on any surface, fast acting, no rinse


  • All materials

Technical Specifications

Order No
List Price
Sprayer 500 ml 16.9 fl.oz. 53-G 093 (M)SDS 9.99
Bottle 946 ml 32 fl.oz. 53-G 094 (M)SDS 14.99
Liquid 3.78 L 1 gal 53-G 095 (M)SDS 29.99
Liquid 20 L 5.2 gal 53-G 097 (M)SDS 119.00
Liquid 208 L 55 gal 53-G 098 (M)SDS 1121.12
Liquid 1000 L 264.6 gal 53-G 099 (M)SDS 4648.00