Powerful all-weather cleaner

ALL-SEASON™ is a less toxic alternative to solvent cleaning for tough applications, even at the most extreme temperatures. Bitumen, tar and asphalt don’t stand a chance even at cold temperatures. ALL-SEASON™ is the perfect alternative to solvent based and d-limonene based cleaners.


  • Cuts through contaminants most solvents can't deal with
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces
  • High flash point
  • High-strength formulation—fast acting, very effective
  • Cleans fast & effectively
  • Low VOC
  • Provides high solvency for fast and easy removal of difficult-to-remove contaminants: grease, oils, tar, asphalt and bitumen
  • Formulated to clean at any temperature, can clean at -50°C (-58°F) up to over 100°C (212°F)
  • Safe on all metals, non-corrosive
  • Separates from water for easier recovery of waste
  • High cleaning performance
  • Alternative to solvent based on petroleum and D-limonene


  • All metals
  • Aluminum

Technical Specifications

All metals Aluminum
Order No
List Price
Sprayer 500 ml 16.9 fl.oz. 53-G 553 (M)SDS 31.90
Liquid 3.78 L 1 gal 53-G 555 (M)SDS 183.00
Liquid 20 L 5.2 gal 53-G 557 (M)SDS 702.00
Liquid 208 L 55 gal 53-G 558 (M)SDS 5089.00
Liquid 1000 L 264 gal 53-G 559 (M)SDS 18731.00


  • Cleaning asphalt from paving equipment
  • Less chemical required per cleaning Lasts longer Saves money Lowers energy costs
  • Cleaning pumps and oilfield drilling rig equipment
  • Heavy-duty maintenance, repair, and cleaning applications
  • Clean oil, grease, tar, ink and adhesives
  • Cleaning machine parts, tools, pumps, gears
  • All manual cleaning operations


  • Can be heated