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01 Walter International Newsletter - January 2016

january 2016

Walter Surface Technologies' innovative 2016 product lineup has arrived!

Mechanical Solutions       Company Spotlight

Surfox Smart Passivation Tester

Guarantee passivation of stainless steel surfaces


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Surfox Smart Pro Marking Kit

Quick, easy-to-use and effective for etching or marking


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Instant Polish line

One-step solution to achieving a #8 mirror finish


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Zip Titan and Chopcut Titan

The best solutions for cutting titanium and brass


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More Information on CHOPCUT TITAN

Enduro-Flex 2-IN-1 Turbo

One-step solution for fast weld blending and ready to paint finishes


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Product Sheet (PDF)


Top of the line finishing applications


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company spotlight: 2016 products catalogs

This year's Mechanical and Environmental catalogs are packed full of innovative new products to help you be more productive than ever in 2016.
Download our E-Catalogs onto your iPad or tablet now!

Mechanical E-Catalog (PDF)

Environmental Catalog (PDF)

Walter Surface Technologies - January 2016