Our Expertise


When “good” just doesn’t cut it! Walter abrasive solutions are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and process in the industry. Whether you are using a grinder, table saw, circular saw or chop saw, we have right cutting, grinding, blending and finishing tools for your project.

Environmental Solutions

With the Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions’ product line, our company’s mission is to contribute to our customer’s success by improving worker health and safety conditions, protecting the environment by replacing VOC-emitting solvents by VOC-free products, and by reducing waste and operating costs while increasing productivity

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Our line of industrial MRO solutions evolved from decades of hands-on experience. This allowed us to develop safe, efficient and innovative products which meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. From cleaning to lubricating products, our products have been specially formulated using our own rigorous standards of quality, performance and safety.

Power Brushes

Our broad range of power brushes have long been used for edge and surface conditioning on a wide variety of materials. Using only the finest industrial grade materials and the latest manufacturing technology to produce our brushes, it allows for perfect work on metal surfaces without altering the base materials.

Power Tools

Power. Maximum performance. Reliability. Versatility. These are all words which define our full line of power tools, including angle, point and straight grinders, finishers and magnetic drills.


Driven by end-user needs, we are continuously innovating to offer tooling that incorporates the latest technology and materials. Our drill bits, annular cutters, power taps and carbide burrs are specifically designed to resist the high strained caused by tough operating conditions.


We understand that welding is an art form and that the quality of a welded piece is highly dependent on the products that are used in the process. Our line of anti-spatter solutions, emulsions and gels are designed with safety and productivity in mind.

The Mechanical E-Catalog

Walter Surface Technologies provides high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions to the metalworking industry. We have done this since 1952. To help you work better, we developed our Partnership in Productivity program, which is dedicated to safety and productivity.