Cleaning & Degreasing Solutions

At Bio-Circle we believe it is possible to produce efficient and powerful cleaners that create a safer environment for employees, a reduced chemical waste stream and a lower operations cost. Our cleaners and degreasers are designed with safety and productivity in mind, including VOC-free or VOC-reduced solutions.


Expect greater performance with less environmental impact from Bio-Circle industrial cleaners and degreasers. Bio-Circle products are made to perform with the power of Nature Boost! Nature Boost is an innovative raw material derived from plant extracts and is exclusive to Bio-Circle. It has excellent solubility towards oils, greases, inks, adhesives and paint. Bio-Circle offers several high-performance products that are non-flammable, VOC-free, non-toxic and bio-renewable.


Our research & development team is always looking for new and innovative products and solutions to help you work better. From stainless steel cleaning, rust removal, priming and heavy duty cleaning and degreasing, we have designed products that specifically cater to your needs.


Safety is our number one concern, which is why we invest in producing the safest cleaning solutions available on the market. Our Bio-Circle products are VOC-free or VOC-reduced, allowing you to perform your job in the safest manner possible. In addition, most of our products are non-flammable and non-hazardous, making these a great alternative to flammable petroleum-based solvents. Furthermore, we designed free environmental safety seminars so that we can help set the bar for worker safety standards. .


Bio-Circle products are designed with cost-savings in mind. Several of our cleaning solutions are longer lasting than competing products and highly concentrated so that you can adjust the strength of your cleaning solution based on the contaminant and reduce product consumption.