Bio-Remediating Liquids

Which bio-remediating liquid is right for me?

Bio-remediating solutions contain micro-organisms that break down oils and greases into CO2 and H2O, with ZERO waste products to dispose of. These liquids are to be used with BIO-CIRCLE industrial parts washers.

Bio-Circle L The right solution for any application

Standard renewing solution for carbon-based (organic) light oils and greases.

Applications include:

  • Manual parts washing
  • General maintenance shops, with organic contaminants
Bio-Circle AERO Cleaning liquid for the aerospace industry

Renewing cleaner designed to meet tough aerospace standards and for cleaning aluminum and nonferrous alloys.

Applications include:

  • Manual parts washing
  • Aerospace component manufacturers
  • Airport maintenance departments
Bio-Circle ULTRA Powered by Nature BoostTM!

Heavy-duty renewing cleaner for steel and stainless steel parts. Powered by Nature Boost for added strength

Applications include:

  • Manual parts washing
  • Machine parts maintenance
  • Vehicle and fleet maintenance
  • Industrial maintenance