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Next generation of electrochemical weld cleaning system

The SURFOX 205™ has been engineered to clean MIG, TIG and spot welds on aluminum, and with the use of special marking kits (sold separately), it can also mark stainless steel, aluminum and titanium surfaces.

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Portable cleaning and passivation of welds on stainless steel and aluminum

The ergonomically designed SURFOX Mini comes equipped with a variable power setting that ensures a perfect finish on even the most delicate surfaces.

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Long lasting protection for laser and plasma cutting tables

E-WELD PLASMA™ is a ceramic anti-spatter solution that is applied to laser and plasma cutting tables to reduce the buildup of slag over time.

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High performance flap disc optimized for use on low powered angle grinders

Flexsteel™ is the newest addition to the Walter flap disc line. It features a unique zirconia alumina grain blend that micro fractures with less pressure than the grains used in our Enduro-Flex™ product.

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Marking solution for aluminum

Simply use SURFOX-M Alu with one of our marking kits to create a black mark on any aluminum surface.

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Features a patented hub design to minimize vibration, improving ergonomics and performance

XCAVATOR™ has been redesigned to incorporate the latest innovation in Type 27 depressed center grinding wheels. The new Comfort Max™ Technology in the hub of the wheel helps to minimize vibration.

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For when employee safety and ergonomics are top priorities

Ergoflex™ is an abrasive that combines our proprietary Cyclone™ Technology grain blend with a type 29 disc design to provide a solution for professionals looking to maximize workplace safety and ergonomics without sacrificing productivity.

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Remove welds and finish pipes, tubes and railings faster

Walter is proud to unveil a new power tool that allows you to use our premium abrasive products in a new belt format to finish pipes, tubes and railings.

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Variable speed fillet weld grinder

Ulti-Mate™ is a a new variable speed fillet weld grinder and finishing tool designed to work in tight corners that other tools have a difficult time reaching. By combining this tool and our range of quality abrasives, you can go from a rough weld all the way to a mirror finish in just minutes.

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