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01 International Newsletter - June 2016

june 2016

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The Internet of Things Hits the Shop Floor: Metalworking in the age of Connectivity

The evolution of metalworking has taken a giant leap, thanks to the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the “Internet of Things.” Walter’s latest white paper examines how the convergence of the Internet of Things and innovative technology can help manufacturers to use actionable, real-time data to drive innovation, reduce waste, improve quality and boost productivity.

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TOPCUTTM sanding discs are now 50% faster than before, with a longer working life to help you maximize the efficiency of your sanding processes. Designed using longer lasting abrasive grains, TOPCUT™ is ideal for finishing applications on stainless steel, and can maximize your stock removal in any given application. Cooler sanding also guarantees your material will not overheat, helping to preserve it and resulting in a beautiful finished product.

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e-weld nozzle

Extend the life of welding nozzles and reduce downtime spent scraping out spatter with E-WELD Nozzle. This highly concentrated anti-spatter evenly coats the exterior and interior surface of your welding nozzle to prevent spatter from adhering to the nozzle. This prevents obstructions and allows the gas to flow freely, resulting in a higher quality weld. This is an extremely economical solution as the easy applicator dispenses a thin layer that can provide protection for up to 8 hours. An ideal solution for MIG welding, plasma cutting and laser cutting, E-WELD Nozzle can withstand high temperatures (up to 1000° C).

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Surfox 304 Weld Cleaning System

The Surfox™ 304 is our patented electrochemical cleaning system with a flow through system, which facilitates the cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds, without altering the surface of the parent material. Paired with two new durable high resistant and conductive cleaning brush applicators, it allows for quick and efficient cleaning.

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Join the discussion: LinkedIn Metalworking Group

Walter’s Industrial Metalworking Group on LinkedIn provides a place for metalworking professionals to share their thoughts and their expertise with the community. Please join us today to share best practices, discuss industry topics, and tell us about your experiences using Walter products!  

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Surfox Smart Passivation Tester
The SURFOX Smart Passivation Tester is the smartest way to guarantee passivation on welded stainless steel surfaces.
Test your workpiece to guarantee passivation with the world’s first wireless passivation tester. Using Bluetooth Technology, the device easily connects to your smartphone for testing, and seamlessly logs results in the cloud for easy data analysis, management and report building. Ship your products with confidence by ensuring your stainless steel pieces are passivated with the SURFOX™ Smart Passivation Tester.

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Walter Surface Technologies - June 2016