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03 International Newsletter - April 2016

april 2016

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The walter abrasives selector app

The Walter Abrasives Selector app is designed to help metalworking professionals select the right product for the right application. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily determine which Walter product is best suited for your needs, and the app possesses numerous downloadable features such as data sheets, technical videos and spec information so you can carry the knowledge wherever you go.

Use the Walter Abrasives Selector app to learn more about Walter abrasives and products – knowledge right at your fingertips!


surfox™ Smart Passivation Tester

Test your finished workpiece for passivation with the new wireless passivation tester. This bluetooth-enabled device easily syncs to your smartphone and seamlessly logs your results into a database for easy data analysis and report building. Ship your products with confidence by validating your pieces for passivation with the SURFOX™ Smart passivation tester.


XCAVATOR™ Grinding Wheels

The XCAVATOR™ has the highest removal rate of any of Walter's grinding wheels and is compatible with all metals (steel, stainless, cast iron, hard alloyed steel, etc.). When the number one priority is high removal, XCAVATOR™ is the wheel of choice. Confronted with some of the toughest metals in the industry, from tungsten carbide to quenched and tempered steel, the XCAVATOR™ demonstrated time and time again its capacity for ultra-high removal. You will feel the bite of this wheel on every type of metal!



Bio-Circle Unveils Three New Industrial Parts Washing Systems

Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, the global leader in surface treatment technologies, announced the launch of three new bio-renewable parts cleaning systems to its portfolio of products: CleanBox Compact S, CleanBox Maxi, and the CleanBox Mega. These new systems bring Bio-Circle’s eco-innovation to larger industrial parts washing processes.

The new ergonomically designed CleanBox parts washers are commonly used in busy MRO environments and in transport fleet maintenance facilities to clean large parts. Part washers are also commonly used in production facilities to clean large manufacturing equipment.  


Industrial Metalworking LinkedIn Group

Walter’s LinkedIn Group provides a place for metalworking professionals to share their thoughts and their expertise with the community. Please join us today to share best practices, discuss industry topics, and tell us about your experience using Walter Products! 

Join us on LinkedIn

Walter XCAVATOR™ and ZIP WHEEL™ Abrasives Review

Watch the above video as popular video blogger ChuckE2009 reviews our Xcavator™ and Zip wheel™. He was very impressed with the overall performance of our abrasives and even goes as far as saying that the Zip wheel is the best cut-off wheel he has ever used.  

watch the video

Walter Surface Technologies - April 2016