October 6, 2015

Walter Surface Technologies, the global industry leader in surface treatment technologies, announced today that is has published an industry white paper entitled “Documented Cost Savings for Abrasives.”

Demonstrating and documenting cost savings has become essential for today’s industrial suppliers and distributors as part of proving their solution offering to customers. “Documented cost savings (DCS) programs are part of a larger movement towards providing value-added solutions to customers.” explains Dan Pirro, Vice President of Marketing at Walter Surface Technologies.

“More than three decades ago, Walter recognized the need to document cost savings” says Pirro. Walter’s earliest Productivity Analysis program was originally designed as a simple method to demonstrate right on the shop floor why a grinding wheel priced at $3 was actually more efficient than a competitive model priced at $2 per wheel. “As the DCS movement evolved, Walter developed a three-step program to provide important and relevant information to the end user and centered on the end user’s plant and shop.”

The 3 step program includes:

Step 1 – Bucket Program: A simple process where used and discarded abrasives are collected and analysed.

Step 2 – Safety Seminars: Seminars to encourage a safer work environment.

Step 3 – Productivity Program: A personalized performance analysis of the user’s work environment.

Author of the white paper, Product Manager Tom Morris spent several months conducting comparative tests, including those done in a laboratory setting, as well as in-field tests performed on the customer’s own equipment.

The Documented Cost Savings for Abrasives white paper formally reports on four companies– large, medium, and small – and a range of industry types. The final investigation on just how much money can be saved by switching out an abrasive is surprising.

The document is available immediately, download the full white paper here.


About Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies provides innovative solutions for the global metal working industry. From high performance abrasives, power tools and tooling to industrial parts washing systems, cleaners, degreasers and lubricants Walter focuses on helping its customers work better. Founded in 1952, the company is established in 7 countries throughout North America, South America and Europe. International headquarters is in Montreal and US headquarters is located in Windsor, Connecticut. Key certification and awards include ISO 9001: 2008, Wall Street Journal Award; Deutscher Material Preiz; American Eagle Award; CleanTech Cleaning Technology Award.