SST+ Drill Bits

HSS Power Tap and Drill Bit Set

Specially designed for use on reversible portable drills, SST power taps are guaranteed to tap faster and last longer than standard taps in steel, stainless steel and other ferrous or non-ferrous metals. SST power taps eliminate slow hand tapping to increase productivity and reduce overall tapping costs.


  • Drill bit and tap sizes marked on inside panel
  • Panel is hinged and neatly fold into box
  • SST high performance HSS Power Taps
  • SST+ high performance HSS drill bits
  • Sturdy metal index container


  • Mild steel
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Stainless steel

Technical Specifications

Drill size
Order No
Min. Pkg.
List Price
SST Power Tap and Drill Bit Set 03-B 952 1 147.00
SST Power Tap and Drill Bit Set 03-B 953 1 310.00
SST Power Tap and Drill Bit Set 03-B 954 1 283.00


  • Drilling and tapping with rev. portable drill
  • Repairing damaged threads
  • Tapping trough holes


  • Use Walter Tapcut lubricant for best results
  • Use at slow speed to increase tap life