Benchtop dip tank for bio-renewable solutions

CLEANBOX® Dip Mobile is a compact, portable system designed for pre-soaking industrial parts to loosen stubborn contaminants prior to cleaning with Bio-Circle® industrial parts washing systems. Mobile, so you can take with you wherever you go. Made of robust, resistant plastic and compatible with all aqueous cleaners and degreasers such as CB 100™, BIO-RUST™, and other Bio-Circle® cleaning solutions.


  • Straining system allows parts to drain and dry
  • Lid helps to minimize spillage and evaporation
  • Easy immersion for small and medium-sized parts
  • Lateral handles for portability

Technical Specifications

Dimensions LxWxH
Load capacity
Electrical Config.
Order No
List Price
23.6 X 15.7 X 11.8 in 5.3 gal 6.7 gal 100 lb. 55-D 010 143.00


  • Presoaking parts before washing with an automatic or manual washer
  • Alleviating even the harshest contaminants (when used with CB 100™)
  • Use only with Bio-Circle® fluids (not compatible with MEK or certain solvents)