Meeting the growing demand from industries where high quality mirrored surfaces are essential.

November 17, 2015

Walter Surface Technologies, the global industry leader in surface treatment technologies, announces new innovations to its portfolio of stainless steel polishing products. The Instant Polish Line will be available in three distinct formats: pre-applied on the Quick Step Instant Polish Disc and the Instant Polish Belt, and will also be available in a stand-alone paste.

Proprietary to Walter Surface Technologies, the Instant Polish Line is the most innovative one-step solution to achieving a perfect #8 mirror finish. Jonathan Douville, Product Manager at Walter Surface Technologies explains that stainless steel finishing and polishing is often unforgiving, and is one of the most time-consuming and difficult applications in the fabrication process.

These new instant polish products combine the strength of Walter’s white and blue polishing pastes into an easy, one-step solution. Users can save a great amount of time, as the products eliminate three to four steps in the polishing process, including the need to clean in between polishing steps, and reduces the frequency of consumable changeover.

The new polishing line was designed for industries where high quality mirrored finishes are required including, pharmaceutical, food and beverage as well as construction and design. “There was a need in these market segments for an improved process” explains Douville. “Walter was able to incorporate decades of knowledge and expertise into developing a line of polishing products that reduces labor time, operational cost, and ultimately increased profits while delivering exceptional results”.

The Instant Polish Line will be available as of January 2016.


Instant Polish Line Video


About Walter Surface Technologies

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