Standard Cleaning Pads (10 per package)

46 mm L x 24 mm W x 4 mm T. Use with inserts 48-R 133 and 54-B 036 / 10 per package plus clamp ring


  • More conductive for better passivation.
  • Flexible! Can be folded in several ways.
  • Soft on surfaces.
  • Resistant and durable.
  • Highly conductive (4 X more that our Classic pads)
  • Heat resistance up to 300°C (575°F)
  • Double sided


  • Stainless steel
  • TIG welds

Technical Specifications

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
54-B 026 1 114.00


  • Cleaning TIG welds, removing discoloration
  • For use with standard tungsten tip


  • Rinse tip and pad with water after use
  • Use only with SURFOX-H when working with a SURFOX 103 machine
  • Can be used with both SURDOX-H and SURFOX-T electrolyte solutions