Air Force AF-PL™ PAIL, Start up Package

Industrial strength cleaner and degreaser with refillable sprayers station

AF-PL is a system with a base unit that automatically dispenses AF-PL liquid cleaner and compressed air into refillable spray cans. Save money by buying your cleaner in bulk and reduce costs associated with the disposal of aerosol cans, all while reducing your environmental impact. - The kit includes the use of an Air Force PL station.

Ordering Information

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
53-M 012AFPLP 1 1233.00

The kit includes

Order No
53-M 101 Air Force AF-PL™ Air Force PL refillable sprayer for AF-PL 400 ml 13.5 fl.oz. 6
53-M 041 Pail adaptor 1
53-C 557 Air Force AF-PL™ Industrial Strength cleaner/degreaser 20 L 5.2 gal 1
53-M 012 Air Force PL Air Force PL automatic refillig station for AF-PL 1