70% Alcohol Surface Disinfectant

New normal, tough new formula. Get clean you can trust with WALTER. This all-purpose, one step, no rinse-no wipe solution is a fast and effective way to keep your environment safe. Great for daily cleaning of light contaminants from hard surfaces. Great for products that are handled regularly. Comes ready-to-use. For cleaning hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, desks, doorknobs/ handles, faucets, fridge handles, elevator buttons, keyboard, mouse, telephones, pens, railings, PPE, steering wheel, vending machines, point of sale terminals, paper dispensers, shrink wrap/tape handles, and floors.


  • Biodegradable
  • Leaves no residue streaks or stains
  • Phosphate free and biodegradable
  • •High strength formula, ready to use
  • Best Quality Odorless Food & Pharmaceutical (USP) Grade Alcohol
  • Safe on any surface, fast acting, no rinse
  • Subtle citrus fragrance


  • All steels
  • Plastics
  • All metals
  • Concrete

Technical Specifications

Order No
List Price
Liquid, trigger sprayer 500 ml 16.9 fl.oz. 53-K 103 (M)SDS 8.30
Liquid 3.78 L 1 gal 53-K 105 (M)SDS 30.10
Liquid 20 L 5.2 gal 53-K 107 (M)SDS 111.00
Liquid 208 L 55 gal 53-K 108 (M)SDS 1020.00
Liquid 1000 L 264 gal 53-K 109 (M)SDS 4708.00


  • Surface Cleaner