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Industry update on drill bits and cutting tools

November, 14th 2017


Through the ages, tools used to drill holes have evolved from hand-powered crank drills to magnetic drilling units; from flat tip drill bits to annular core cutters. With new cutting materials like diamond and solid carbide becoming more popular, making the right cutting choice can be a daunting task. However, there remains one sought-after goal for every production shop, handyman or contractor: more holes – more perfect holes – faster.

“Through countless hours in the field, we’ve found that when it comes to drill bits and cutting tools, end users are looking simplify their different bit options,” says Ryan Boyd, Product Manager, Tooling and Power Tools at Walter Surface Technologies. We’re particularly excited to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our SST™+ drill bits. This product line has been a top seller in Canada and has recently become available in the United States. “The bits are made with a cobalt blend, and are designed with a quick shank that ensures fast and secure tightening,” adds Boyd. Additionally, the drill bits are designed for “on-the-go” usage, the clip on the packaging allows users to just clip them onto a belt and go! Perfect for those working at different job sites.

Staying true to Walter’s commitment to helping our customers work better, one trend that cannot be ignored is the increasing popularity of annular core cutters and magnetic drilling units. Annular cutters cut at the circumference of the hole, not from the middle like a drill bit. This means less heat build-up, less friction, longer tool life and faster cutting. Using annular cutters also gives the user the flexibility to easily change from small diameter holes (7/16”) to holes exceeding 4” in diameter with ease.

The newly redesigned ICECUTTM line of magnetic drilling units from Walter is lightweight and compact enough to be carried around a work site and can be affixed in any position even inverted. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, ICECUTTM units feature an Accudrill™ safety amp meter, conveniently located in the central control panel. This attribute allows users to achieve the most productive drilling operation as it prevents the motor from overloading and overheating. Combine this with our ICECUTTM line of coated annular cutters – whose exclusive coating has a lower friction coefficient and higher temperature resistance than typical TiN or TiAlN coatings – and you’ve got only the best system available!


Ryan Boyd, Product Manager, Tooling & Power Tools - November 2017