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Montreal, Québec, January 28th, 2024 - In its quest to become a global leader for productivity and safety solutions in the metalworking industry, WALTER Surface Technologies has launched three exclusive new technologies to further maximize life of its high-performance ceramic abrasives.

“Ceramic grains provide longer life, higher removal rates and improve comfort for operators,” says Marc Brunet Gagné, Senior Product Manager, Abrasive Power Tools. “But, it takes more than just the grain to build a high-performance abrasive wheel. WALTER has gone beyond the grain with new exclusive technologies to ensure that the ceramic grain is optimized and performs at its best!”


WALTER’s exclusive SMART RESIN™ Technology, found in bonded abrasives such as the ZIP™ XX and the XCAVATOR XX™, works to expose fresh ceramic grains at the optimal moment to achieve the most productive balance between sharpness & life in a metalworker’s given application.


WALTER’s exclusive V-STRONG™ Backing Technology, found in its ceramic sanding discs such as the XTRACUT™ and the COOLCUT XX™, improves durability and toughness of the wheel thanks to stronger resistance of the cloth. “With 14% more vulcanized fiber in the cloth than competitors, WALTER ceramic sanding discs last longer, resulting is less wheel changeover,” adds Brunet Gagné.


“Most flap discs are baked during the manufacturing process to bond the flaps to the backing. Unfortunately, this process can dry out the backing cloth of the flaps, reducing its performance” explains Brunet Gagné. Now, thanks to WALTER’s exclusive MAX LIFE™ cold curing glue, WALTER ensures the freshest abrasives possible on products such as the ENDURO-FLEX™ TURBO, to avoid micro-cracking and drying out, which improves consistency, and can extend disc life by up to 25%.

WALTER’s new grain-enhancing technologies are now available on all its ceramic abrasive solutions. For more information or to request a demo, visit our website:

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