The industry's safest and fastest MIG & TIG weld cleaning system

The SURFOX™ 305 is our patented electrochemical weld cleaning system for stainless steel and aluminum. It quickly and easily removes heat tint from the heat-effected zone of MIG, TIG and spot welds, cleaning the surface and allowing passivation on stainless steel to begin without altering the surface finish. The integrated tank and flow-through system ensures the electrolyte solution is delivered directly to the workpiece, minimizing the potential for spillage or cross-contamination. The dynamic current control also ensures that the electrical current will not cause micropitting on the surface.


  • Switchable output: AC Mode: cleaning & marking - DC Mode: polishing & etching
  • Easily cleans MIG welds, TIG & spot welds
  • Exclusive quick-change brush system to easily change out accessories and reduce downtime
  • Ability to clean larger and hard to reach areas with our new brushes
  • Integrated reservoir reduces the potential for contaminating or spilling the electrolyte solution
  • Built-in vapor dispersion system

Technical Specifications

Order No
Tank capacity
Length hose
List Price
54-D 315 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 8.0 A 12-30 V AC/DC, 30 A max 64.2 oz. 13 ft 44 lb. 5814.00