Parts Washing Systems

Your safest, most efficient alternative to toxic solvents parts washing

The BIO-CIRCLE parts washing system is a safe, efficient and sustainable solution for companies seeking a cost-effective green cleaning technology. It eliminates hazardous chemical waste and is a proven alternative to traditional solvent cleaners - thousands of industrial users have adopted BIO-CIRCLE worldwide.


Companies across the country are choosing to work with Bio-Circle industrial parts washing systems because of their proven ability to cut through the harshest contaminants quickly and easily while ensuring the health and safety of their staff. Solvent-based cleaning solutions typically diminish in strength as the weeks pass by, whereas Bio-Circle consistently maintains optimal performance week after week. Join the cleaning revolution and find out why Bio-Circle is quickly becoming the preferred parts washing system across some of Americas most innovative and influential companies.

Bio-remediating Solutions

Bio-Circle offers three distinct bio-remediating industrial parts washing liquids. Our bio-remediating family of cleaners contain live micro-organisms that ingest oils and other organic contaminants, turning them into water and carbon dioxide. This system significantly reduces waste and disposal costs, and is maintained and serviced by our team of CARETM Technicians. Bio-remediating liquids maintain their cleaning power over time, an economical and environmental advantage over toxic solvents and weaker water based systems.

Bio-renewable Solutions

Bio-renewable cleaning liquids are powered by Nature BoostTM, an exclusive and powerful ingredient derived from plant-based extracts. Bio-renewable solutions keep their full cleaning power over a longer period of time than toxic solvents. These liquids consistently outlast toxic solvents; because the oil separates and floats to the surface, allowing you to skim the residue off the top of your tank. Perfect for manual parts washing applications. Extremely effective at room temperature. Bio-renewable liquids are 100% non-toxic, VOC-free and non-flammable.Bio-renewable liquids are the ideal choice for the most heavy-duty, hard-to-clean and organic contaminants.


The Bio-Circle parts washing system is built to last with the toughest impact-resistant plastic and the most sophisticated control module to keep the cleaning solution at the optimal temperature. The system only requires a 120volt outlet with a ground fault adapter, making this parts washers, the most efficient and functional environmentally friendly system on the market.


The Bio-Circle parts washing systems are the safest parts cleaners on the market because they eliminate the need for hazardous chemical solvents. All Bio-Circle parts washing systems uses water-based cleaning to cut through difficult grease and grime. In addition, we also developed a solution that leverages the power of Nature Boost. The microorganisms within the solutions decompose grease and oils into CO2 and H2O through the process of bioremediation. Bio-Circle fluids provide an alternative to traditional solvents and eliminate the health and safety risks associated with using a hazardous product. In addition, we designed free environmental safety seminars so that we can help set the bar for the industry's worker safety standards.

Bio-Circle Compact S



physico chemical risks

None, as it is pH neutral, water-based cleaner and VOC free
Contains VOCs, it is infammable and vapours can cause explosions.

Risks for health

Non hazardous and dermatologically-tested.
Health hazards including skin irritations, brain disorders and potential organ impairment (livers, kidney, nervous and reproductive system)

environnmental risks

None as it is pH neutral, water hazard classification 1, surfactants are higher then 90%, biodegradable, does not contain AOX
Contributes to smog formation, it can contaminate ground water and is harmful for aquatic organisms.

storage & handling

  • No special restriction for storage
  • No respirator, lid or ventilation hood required
  • Minimal PPE required
  • No disposal of used fluid
  • No special storage or placement requirements
Storage according to the requirements of the industrial Safety and Health Notifications.
  • Requires respirator and/or ventilation hood
  • Requires gloves
  • Requires disposal of hazardous wastes
  • Must be postioned against a fire wall


Bio-Circle parts washing systems reduce the need for waste disposal and toxic material management, allowing you to significantly reduce your production cost. In addition, you reduce the need to replenish of cleaning solutions since Bio-Circle products do not become saturated as quickly. Try a Bio-Circle parts washing system today and see the difference for yourself!