AF-Weld Refillable sprayer bottle

Premium anti-spatter system

Air Force AF-Weld™ is a state of the art anti-spatter which protects work-pieces from the adherence of spatter. AF-Weld™ is the only anti-spatter on the market which will help you perform porosity-free, crack-free welds while drastically reducing your environmental impact. Compressed air is the only propellant, and you eliminate the disposal of empty aerosol cans and all the associated costs. AF-Weld™ anti-spatter retracts in the presence of heat, leaving the immediate welding area clean and void of liquid. This effectively prevents anti-spatter from chemically interacting with the weld pool during fusion, which can cause porosity and weld rejection. AF-Weld™ improves productivity and weld quality!


  • Eliminate throw-away aerosol cans

Technical Specifications

CAS (Clean Air Solvent Certification) NFPA 704 Nonfood Compounds Program - NSF VOC-Free
Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
57-B 110 1 51.50


  • For use with the Air Force System
  • Sold as a kit with the Air Force station and 10L bag-in-box AF-WELD anti-spatter solution
  • For dispensing AF-WELD anti-spatter


  • Refer to product (57-F 005) features and applications for more details