The most powerful cordless cutter on the market

No access to power supply?
Go cordless!

The ZIPWHEEL cutter is specifically designed for metal workers who are consistently on-location without access to a power supply.

When it comes to power, the ZIPWHEEL cutter leads the way in reliability, efficiency and market leading performance!

The ZIPWHEEL cutter cordless cutter is available in 4½ / 5” and 6” diameters kits.


See the power of the ZIPWHEEL cutter for yourself!



Ventilated Charging System

The ZIPWHEEL cutter's exclusive Ventilated Charging System provides fast,
consistent and long lasting power for your on-site jobs!

18V/5.2Ah Battery Pack

The most powerful battery available on the market and the most amps for added endurance under load. This is the only battery suitable to handle Walter’s aggressive 6” cutting wheels for an extended period of time.



Ventilated Charging Station

Extending battery life with an integrated fan to cool down the battery. This allows for a faster battery recharge.