learn more about our improved zipwheel cut-off wheel!

ZIP WHEEL™ is the highest performing cut-off wheel on the market. Faster, cooler, freer cutting and heavily reinforced for added safety, ZIP WHEEL™ provides premium performance while resisting twisting and bending. This allows for a true, straight cut every time. The end result is a wheel that improves worker safety while delivering the lowest cost-per-cut in the industry.


Zip Wheel

zipwheel cutter kit 41/2"

  • Ventilated Charging System
  • 270° rotating rear housing
  • Lightweight
  • LED overload protection indicator
Enduro Flex

zip+ xtra

  • Cuts cooler
  • Cuts faster
  • Cuts freer
  • Heavily reinforced for extra safety

zip one

  • Extra long wheel life
  • Extra thin to cut faster, freer and cooler
  • Heavily reinforced for extra safety
  • Easy metal penetration in plunge cutting


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