Eliminate Slag with E-Weld Plasma, request a demo

E-Weld Plasma keeps slag from adhering to the slats in cutting tables, allowing it to be easily removed before it becomes problematic. This significantly decreases the amount of time and effort needed to clean slag off cutting tables, which saves you a great deal of labor time – and associated costs – in plant maintenance.

  • Ceramic formula provides long lasting protection, even in the presence of extreme heat.
  • Arm-mounted spray gun applicator allows you to quickly and easily dispense the product across large surface areas
  • Each 10 kg container provides enough antispatter to cover 50-100 square meters
  • E-Weld Plasma can be painted on manually or sprayed on with the applicator; just stir the solution prior to use
  • Use a degreaser like Surfox Pre-Weld to clean slats prior to use to ensure a strong, adhesive coating
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