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Windsor, Connecticut, January 31st, 2022 - Industry leader WALTER Surface Technologies, providing metalworking solutions for more than 60 years, is introducing a new magnetic drilling unit to maximize safety on worksites: the ICECUT 200PM™.

Launching in February 2022, the new ICECUT 200PM™ is designed with user safety in mind. It features a permanent magnet base which operates without electricity for continuous magnetic hold even during power shortage.

For safe and easy drilling on all job sites, the ICECUT 200PM™ is equipped with a double safety lock lever for additional protection, it ensures that the lever is not disengaged accidently. The ACCUDRILL™ torque display system, unique to WALTER magnetic drills, protects against motor overload and reduces the risk of cutter breakage. When an operator wants to achieve the most productive drilling applications, using the right power is key. The ACCUDRILL™ system prevents the motor from overloading to reduce damage to the motor while also minimizing the risk of eventual damage of the cutter from overheating or movement. It also features WALTER’s DYNAMAX™ speed control which ensures that the rotational speed of the unit (RPM) remains constant, even under load, ensuring precision and quality. For Canadian worksites, the ICECUT 200PM™ is CSA approved.

The ICECUT 200PM™ is the ideal solution worksites where secondary power sources (such as gas generators) are required and can be used for vertical and overhead drilling applications thanks to its powerful, lightweight, and portable design. 

For optimal performance, use with the WALTER, Drillco and Triumph’s wide range of HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide annular cutters.


  • Permanent Magnet base for continuous hold in case of power-shortage
  • Safety lock to ensure the lever is not disengaged accidently
  • Powerful, lightweight, and portable design
  • WALTER's DYNAMAX™ speed control ensures RPM speeds remain constant even under load
  • ACCUDRILL™ system protects unit from overload and the risk of cutter breakage
  • Compatible with twist drills (morse taper adaptor included)
  • CSA approved

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