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Windsor, Connecticut, January 20, 2023 - WALTER Surface Technologies, providing end users with metalworking solutions and with the means to achieve greatness for more than 70 years, is introducing a new cut-off wheel designed to last longer and to increase productivity.
Available as of February 1st, the ZIP™ XX outlasts other industry-leading ceramic wheels by at least 30% and delivers, by far, the most cuts per wheel, thus reducing changeovers and downtime.

The ZIP™ XX is a slightly thick 1/16” ceramic wheel with premium reinforcements that make it safer and more durable, all while not compromising speed.  Thanks to its unique formulation of 100% self-sharpening ceramic grain, it cuts up to 10% faster than aluminum oxide wheels. It was engineered with our latest proprietary SMART RESIN™ technology which allows the wheel to expose the fresh grains at the optimal moment to maximize longevity & sharpness. It also delivers smooth, clean cuts every time by minimizing the need to rework the piece as well as the risk of metal overheat or discoloration.

“By optimizing the pressure applied during manufacturing, using the new SMART RESIN™ technology and choosing a unique grain composition, WALTER was able to deliver its most productive cut-off wheel yet,” says Marc Brunet Gagne, Senior Product Manager - Bonded Abrasives, Tooling & Power Tools.

Made of ceramic micro-crystals with pre-set fracture points that optimize the balance between cutting speed, durability, and high-performance, the ZIP™ XX delivers productivity, safety, comfort, and efficiency. Compatible with steel, stainless steel, and hard alloys, this new wheel is now available in 4.5”, 5”, 6” & 7” diameters, to help you work better.

ZIP™ XX Cut-Off Wheel


  • 100% self-sharpening ceramic grain blend
  • Includes SMART RESIN™ technology which allows the wheel to expose the fresh grains at the optimal moment
  • Premium reinforcements


  • Outlasts other industry-leading wheels by at least 30%
  • Cuts up to 10% faster than aluminum oxide wheels
  • Reduced the risk of metal overheat or discoloration
  • Reduced changeovers and downtime
  • Highly productive and safe

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