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WALTER Brings More Cleaning Power with All-New SURFOX™ Weld Cleaning Units


  • Dual-user capability allows two operators can work with the same machine (306, MAX), improving productivity
  • Precise functionality for better weld cleaning results
  • Dynamic Flow for optimal liquid dispersion (206, 306)


Montreal, Québec, June 18, 2024-WALTER Surface Technologies is thrilled to announce its next generation of SURFOXTM weld cleaning systems. The fleet includes two upgraded fieldwork units with the SURFOX™ Turbo and SURFOX™ Mini, and two upgraded units for heavy-duty shop use with the SURFOXTM 206 and 306.

WALTER is also introducing a one-of-a-kind all new unit with the SURFOX™ MAX, combining the portability of the field work units and the cleaning power of the heavy-duty SURFOX™ 306, for versatile, heavy-duty weld cleaning in fieldwork applications.

“Our new SURFOXTM models represent a big leap forward in weld cleaning technology, with increased cleaning power on all units to help users clean dirtier welds faster,” said Philip Laforest, Senior Product Manager, Safety and SURFOXTM, at WALTER. “Users will be able to clean weld discoloration and contaminants, and guarantee passivation on TIG, MIG and even STICK welds thanks to the power of the SURFOX™ MAX and the SURFOX™ 306.”

The SURFOX™ MAX and the SURFOX™ 306 now also include dual-user functionality, allowing two users to clean welds using the same unit.

Unique to WALTER, industrial SURFOX™ 206 and 306 models also offer an integrated reservoir to keep the electrolyte solution free from contaminants, as well as Dynamic Flow technology to ensure the optimal amount of cleaning liquid is released through the wand upon contact with the metal.

The new generation of SURFOX™ units also include new features, such an LCD display panel, that allows for more precise settings and functionality.

For more information on WALTER’s new line of SURFOX™ units, visit or contact your closest WALTER Surface Technologies distributor.

For more information, or to request an interview, please contact:  Louis Pavlakos  Marketing & Communications Specialist  WALTER Surface Technologies  (514) 232-6218