SURFOX™ Smart Passivation Tester

Quickly and easily guarantee passivated stainless steel

The importance of validating the passivation of your stainless steel surfaces cannot be stressed enough. Impossible to detect with the naked eye, passivation indicates that a protective layer of chromium oxide exists on your stainless steel surface – the essential ingredient that guarantees your stainless steel will resist corrosion. The SURFOX™ Smart Passivation Tester is a Bluetooth enabled, compact and portable testing device allowing you to quickly and easily ensure passivation of stainless steel anywhere, anytime – even on job sites! Avoid costly re-work and rejected pieces and ship your products with confidence. With the SURFOX™ Smart Passivation Tester you rely on the most innovative and easy-to-use technology on the go.

Ordering Information

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
54-T 011 1 2790.00

The kit includes

Order No
54-A 050 Replacement cartridge for passivation tester 1 3 ml 0.10 fl.oz.
54-B 046 White Felt Tip for Passivation Tester SURFOX (5 per package) 5