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Steel grinding family of products

Professionals in the metal fabricating and finishing industry know that when comes it comes the time to grinding, Walter Surface Technologies sets the standard. If you need to take down welds faster and with more ease, or if you are simply looking for a wheel that will outlast all others (while reducing costs), Walter answers your everyday grinding need. Heavy-duty all day grinding? We do that! More refined word taking down welds on stainless steel surfaces? We've got it covered!

Convenient and safe!

Spin-On quick-change mounting

Ultra-resistant built-in threaded arbor for quick and easy disc changes while ensuring total operator safety.

Comparative performance

1/4 HPtm

For all day grinding with exceptional contact, hugs the grinding surface

  • High performance wheels remove metal faster
  • Extra long wheel life
  • Smooth grinding with a agressive, controled bite


Premium griding performance

  • Outstanding removal rate
  • Longest life of any grinding wheel
  • Improved bonding technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing ensure a working life that is unsurpassed - to reach new levels of productivity


Our most versatile grinding wheel

  • Excellent comfort and handling
  • Works on both steel and stainless steel (will not contaminate)
  • Fast removal and cool grinding for the entire life of the wheel


Exceptional grinding with less effort

  • Exceptional removal rate with less pressure and better control
  • Outstanding life in both steel and stainless steel (will not contaminate)
  • Wheels are balance-controlled within tolerances twice as strict for absolute safety


Ultra High Removal Grinding

  • Highest removal rate even in the hardest metals!
  • Fe-free formulation (Guaranteed not to contaminate strainless steel)
  • Get the job done faster!

Walter offers a full suite of high performing abrasives.

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