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ZIPCUT Family of products

ZIPCUTTM is the highest performance cut-off wheel on the market. Faster cooler and free cutting, define what you will experience while using our ZIPCUTTM cutting wheels. Heavily reinforced to ensure added safety, ZIPCUTTM is resilient, resists twisting and bending, allowing for a true straight cut every time.

ZIPCUT Features

Why are Walter thin cut-off wheels only the best on the marketplace today?

Exclusive Packaging

Walter’s cut-off wheels are sold in a unique, practical, and reusable plastic container that preserves its physical properties, there by enhancing performance, safety, and durability.

Rib Design

Walter’s rib design features raised ribs to reduce friction on the surface, for a freer and cooler cut.  With reduced side friction, the cut-off wheel will cut faster, last longer and perform at an optimal rate.

Triple Reinforcement Combo ZipTM

3 layers of reinforcement and metal cladding on the cut-off wheel’s hub provides maximum safety. This feature allows the cut-off wheel to bear the force of lateral pressure and allow users to light grind/deburr in a safe manner.

Type 27 Narrow Crown on 4 1/2" and 5"

Exclusive patented technology that incorporates a metal cladding in the center hub for added safety, and allows for a deeper cutting depth, extending the life of the cutting wheel.

Metal Cladding on Type 27 safety

Metal hub cladding prevents contact with the workpiece and therefore improves safety. Also provides extra strength and control.

Ultra-Thin Zip OneTM

Walter’s thinnest cut-off wheel at 1/32" is designed for maximum precision cutting. Thanks to an innovative technology exclusive to Walter, ZIP One not only lasts, but it also allows you to more accurately cut thin metal without creating burrs.

Spin-On Wheels for Easy Mounting

Changing your cut-off wheels, in a secure manner, is quick and easy, which results in minimal downtime and improved efficiency when working on your project.

ZIPCUT - Comparison test of 5" cutting wheels


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