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Producing the finest maple syrup in the world is a rigorous process that takes months of advanced preparation planning.  Walter’s SST-M drill bits are specially made for maple tree tapping, designed with industrial grade high speed steel with a high concentration of cobalt, and a special formulation to ensure the drill bit lasts longer and resists deformation.

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Hexagonal Quick Shank


Maple tapping season is during the winter months, and the hexagonal quick shank ensures the drill bit will not slip during operation, so you can drill easily wearing gloves. Moreover, slippage can break the drill bit, or result in a poorly drilled hole that is ineffective for maple tree tapping.

TiAlN Coating
(titanium & aluminum)

The TiAlN special coating prolongs the lifespan of the drill bit (compared to a standard solo titanium coating), and acts as a lubricant when being drilled into the tree. It also provides strong resistance to heat, assuring that the drill bit does not overheat throughout the drilling process.

Distinctive Groove and Point-Angle Design Fluting

A more aggressive groove and split point-angle design fluting allows for the drill bit to pierce the wood surface more rapidly and effectively, preventing any overheating which could damage the tree and affect the quality of the maple syrup produced.


Clear Individual and
Re-usable Packaging

The SST-M drill bits are sold individually in clear plastic packages that are re-usable and eco-friendly.  The packaging is designed to preserve the drill bit, and Walter includes a point-angle protector cap with each drill bit to properly protect it in between maple tree tapping sessions.


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order # Flute Length Overall length tapping size list price order
01-L 016 2 3/8 " 3 3/16 " 1/4" 18,50 $ Buy Now
01-L 017 2 7/16 " 3 13/16 " 17/64" 18,50 $ Buy Now
01-L 018 2 1/2 " 3 13/16 " 9/32" 18,50 $ Buy Now
01-L 019 2 9/16 " 3 13/16 " 19/64" 18,50 $ Buy Now
01-L 020 2 9/16 " 3 13/16 " 5/16" 18,50 $ Buy Now
01-L 028 2 5/8 " 4 5/8 " 7/16" 21,00 $ Buy Now

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